Discover the power of using your mind to overcome worry and anxiety... It's Time To Harness Your Power To Create

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Introducing the 12-week program that will give you the support, community, accountability, and systems to FINALLY live the life you deserve.

Tired of going through the motions, constantly burdened by anxiety and worry?

No matter what you try, you just can't quiet your inner thoughts.

You try to be present in your day-to-day, but find your mind obsessing over past events or going through the "what ifs" of the future.

Maybe you keep trying to make a change in your life, only to fall right back to the old habits that keep you stuck where you are.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.

What If You Could:

✨ Wake up every single day feeling happy and fulfilled.
✨ Be truly present in all aspects of your life.
✨ Enjoy every moment, without the clouds of worry and anxiety you know so well.
✨Feel at peace with both your past and the journey you're on for the future.

You CAN. Join me inside Life After Anxiety, and I'll show you how. Let's transform your life together.

Life After Anxiety is a 12-week transformation utilizing evidence-based methodologies straight from the neuroscience world. I will take you through every step you need to build the foundation and then the structure to live a purposeful and confident life from this moment on.

During These Powerful 12 Weeks, You'll Discover How To:



Adapt and recover from the established biases you've believed your whole life that are standing in the way of inner peace.



Use the malleable aspects of the brain to improve your health, happiness and future.



Reframe your world and rewire your mindset to become the person you truly want to be.

Here Is What You Get On The Inside This is a highly individualized, accountability and coaching program where you'll receive:


12 Powerful LIVE Step-By-Step Modules with David

Each week we will meet live for the week's impactful training. You'll also receive lifetime access to the recordings.


12 Interactive QA Sessions with David

Have questions about the week's training? Not sure how to apply what you've learned? Just looking for support and motivation? Join the QA session and get direct, custom answers to your questions.


Private Community Of Like-Minded People

Join the online community to learn from mentors and connect with other people overcoming the same anxiety. Plus, get priority help and support from my team.


Workbook & Materials To Maximize Your Transformation

Each week you'll receive worksheets, maps, checklists and more so that you have everything you need to make true change in your mind and in your life.

Join The Life After Anxiety Program

1. Once per week LIVE training session + lifetime access to the recordings - 12 total (Value $3000)

2. Once per week interactive Q&A session - 12 total
(Value $2500)

3. Private Facebook community to learn from mentors and connect with other people overcoming the same anxiety (Value $950)

4. Exclusive course workbook and materials (Value $525)


Total Value: $13,950

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Today's Price: JUST $1495 or 3 Payments Of $499

What Others Are Saying

Hey David I just really wanted to say thank you for the amazing Life After Anxiety program .. The best YEAR of my life ... hell no .. this is a brand new life!! The support that you and the team and my fellow LAA'ers shared with me was simply inspirational .. Can't wait to come back for the mentorship program. I feel like I have so much to share!!


Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 2.23.40 pm

Can't believe I've just finished the Life After Anxiety program - Intense - challenging- frustrating - tears - breakthroughts and here we are at my new 'Day!'. Easily the best thing I've done for myself in as long as I can remember .. Thanks team.



I have been lucky enough to be part of the Life After Anxiety program. I wasn't aware how the things I had been doing up to this point had been making my life worse; not only for me, but my children as well. I really didn't think i could make the changes I have. Everyone around me is so much happier now. I would recommend to anyone suffering with anxiety to do this training. It's like my life has only just begun. Thank you David for my life after X.



I've just finished your Life After Anxiety program and I can tell you that I am absolutely set for the best year of my life! The content and accountability that you delivered was first class. For anyone thinking about doing the program, don't hesitate. Everyone in your life will thank you for it. Looking forward to the Masterclass!



David, I would like to thank you for the amazing effect you've had on my life. You've guided me through a very difficult period of which anxiety was to a point where it was debilitating and effecting my personal and professional life. Thanks to your coaching, I now have purpose, meaning and a real excitement about my 'mission' ahead. Your course was amazing, but working 1:1 kept me focused and moving forward.



David is masterful at personal empowerment. He brings tremendous insight, knowledge and dedication to his work and focuses, laser-like, on YOU. David is amazing, and I've returned to him at several life and business crossroads. I've recommended three people to him, and they have all benefitted tremendously. You definitely want someone with David's passion and energy on your team-he is a motivating force, indeed!!


My Personal "No-Fail" Guarantee


If you actively follow the live trainings, show up and ask questions, implement the proven system, and reach out to me, my team and other community members for help when you need it, I can guarantee you will find results with this program. If you don't, I'll gladly process a refund.

Get All Of The Coaching, Support, Community, Accountability, and Systems To Overcome Anxiety, Break Free From Worry and Live The Life You Deserve

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